All our gift boxes include: 3 books, an activity sheet, colouring pencils, a torch (red or blue), our top tips postcard and FREE DELIEVERY

About Us

Hi, I’m Adam, together with my wife Jess we are the founders of Torchlight Books. We live in a lovely little town in the Norfolk countryside with our two young boys. They are the inspiration for Torchlight Books. You may notice two handsome boys on our logo!

As a child, teenager and even in my 20’s I was a reluctant reader. One day I found a book that looked quite interesting so decided to put the kettle on and give it a go. I finished the first few chapters and my tea had gone stone cold without me even taking a sip. I had realised what I was missing and what a fool I had been by avoiding “boring books” as a child. If only I had found a book to capture my imagination at a much younger age, maybe I could have been an astronaut, scientist, or yeah why not… the prime minister!  

As parents Jess and I know first hand that it can be an uphill battle to get a young person to read which is why we have designed an exciting gift box of books for your reluctant reader.
We have specially chosen books that have large text, good spacing and pictures that are not distracting from the text. In each of the boxes there are 1 or 2 books that are designed for dyslexic children. Although your young person may not be dyslexic the books are easier to read, have nice big line spaces and are fun with great stories for all children (and grownups) to enjoy.  

The goal for Torchlight Books is to give young people the love of reading from a young age but we can’t do it alone…
We will need the help of every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, and friends to illuminate that young person’s potential. Hopefully Torchlight Books can be a tool to help.