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Be a reading father figure

What does Daddy do? An interesting question to ask your child. They will likely say what you do for a living or maybe they will say he plays golf or goes down the pub with his mates! Wouldn’t it be great if your child said, “daddy reads me stories”?

This blog is not a list of how to be the best dad in the world. If you do have the answer, then let me know!
I firmly believe that a man needs a hobby and time during the week to get away from work and the family. What I hope this blog will help with is for you to be more aware of your activities during family time and not being afraid of picking up a book.

A lot of men will feel apprehensive about reading to their children maybe because they are not great readers themselves or just feel a bit silly reading aloud. This comes from my own personal experience. If you make a mistake reading to your child it just doesn’t matter, the process of choosing to read over another activity has already done the world of good! They are perfect for parents who are not the most confident readers.

Children copy their parents or carers, to a child you are no.1 role model. Reading is something you get better at the more you do it so why don’t you get into reading yourself? Treat yourself to a book or two that interest you. Spend a Sunday afternoon on the sofa reading them and let your child/children see you doing it, also involve them by explaining what the book is about and how much you are enjoying it… Maybe even treat yourself a nice drink while you’re at it!

I did not start reading until I was 30 so here is my top 5 books I have enjoyed (and why) as a grown-up reluctant reader…

1. Dan Brown – (All of the Robert Langdon series)
easy to read with short sharp chapters. Every chapter has you wanting more!

2. Ben Macintyre – SAS rogue heroes
An incredible story that can’t be true but is. More in the book than the TV series.

3. Randall Munroe – what if?
Absurd hypothetical questions. A bit nerdy but very funny.

4. Ian Rankin – The Inspector Rebus series
brilliant who done its!

5. Bob Mortimer – The Satsuma Complex
If you remember shooting stars and loved it like me, you will love this.

Everybody’s reading tastes are different. A lot of guys like factual and autobiographical books. There are literally tens of thousands of books about your favourite sports stars or people throughout history. What I am trying to say is that somewhere on a bookshelf there is a book that you will enjoy.

Below is a link to an interesting article from the guardian…  “Reading together increases children’s literacy skills, but research also proves that children who love reading do better at school in all subjects. If a parent reads to their children every day, they will be almost 12 months ahead of their age group when they start school. Even reading to them three to five times a week gives them a six-month head start over those who are read to less often.”

Fathers not reading enough to their children, says Book Trust | Books | The Guardian

Let us know how you get on and if this was helpful.

Co-founder of Torchlight Books

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