All our gift boxes include: 3 books, an activity sheet, colouring pencils, a torch (red or blue), our top tips postcard and FREE DELIEVERY

Introducing our dyslexic friendly book boxes

We are excited to launch our dyslexic friendly book boxes! These come in 3 age ranges 5-7, 8-9 and 10+ all our boxes contain 3 books wrapped in colourful tissue paper, a torch (perfect for reading under the covers or tucked up in a den), activity sheet, colouring pencils and our top tips postcard. Why […]

How to make a book hedgehog

  What you will need A book at least 200 pages   Some black paper Scissors Some glue     Step One   Hold the first page in half like the image below       Step Two   Fold the corners     Step Three   Repeat on each page till all the pages are […]

Choosing Accessible Books for Your Children

Choosing Accessible Books for Your Children by Barrington Stokes At Barrington Stoke, we believe that everyone can be a reader. That’s not just something we include on our logo, it’s at the heart of everything we do. From the accessible font that is unique to our books, to the expert language edit that every book […]

Pocket-sized Story-time by Andy Shepherd author of The Boy Who Grew Dragons

Pocket-sized Story-time I’ve always loved story-time both as a child and then as a parent. There is something so comforting about it for everyone involved. We often talk about bed-time stories, but really there can be so many opportunities to share a story throughout the day; whether it’s a poem while children are getting dressed […]

Reading for Pleasure by That Book Guy- Tuition Services

Reading for pleasure is something I’m extremely passionate about. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a gateway to a universe of imagination, knowledge, and emotional well-being. Studies have shown that children who read for pleasure perform better academically, not just in language arts but also in subjects like maths and science. They develop a richer […]

Free Books for School’s Campaign

Torchlight Books has just launched a “Free Books for Schools Campaign”.   We are passionate about helping children discover a love of reading and making books accessible to all children. We have a wide range of dyslexic friendly books, and our other books are hand selected with large fonts, bigger line spaces and fantastic illustrations. […]

Be a reading father figure

What does Daddy do? An interesting question to ask your child. They will likely say what you do for a living or maybe they will say he plays golf or goes down the pub with his mates! Wouldn’t it be great if your child said, “daddy reads me stories”? This blog is not a list […]

Torchlight Books Top Tips

In this blog we will give you our top tips to help your young person fall in love with reading. Quality Time Reading time is quality time! Find a comfy space remove all distractions and settle down for a story. Take the pressure off We want children to love reading. In the beginning you do […]

Torchlight books is Launched!!

Welcome to Torchlight Books, a brand-new website with a goal to give young people the love of reading from a young age with our fantastic book gift boxes. Hi, I’m Adam, together with my wife Jess we are the founders of Torchlight Books. We live in a lovely little town in the Norfolk countryside with […]