All our gift boxes include: 3 books, an activity sheet, colouring pencils, a torch (red or blue), our top tips postcard and FREE DELIEVERY

Free Books for School’s Campaign

Torchlight Books has just launched a “Free Books for Schools Campaign”.

 Torchlight Books logo, with a stack of books

We are passionate about helping children discover a love of reading and making books accessible to all children. We have a wide range of dyslexic friendly books, and our other books are hand selected with large fonts, bigger line spaces and fantastic illustrations.


How does it work?


  1. Your school signs up to the campaign- completely free of charge.
  2. We generate a unique code for your school.
  3. For every Box of Books, we sell with the unique code attached, your school receives £2.00 in credit to spend on Books from Torchlight Books.
  4. Once the school has enough credit, they order some fantastic books for 30% off retail price.



How to sign up:

Schools: Send us an email at info@torchlightbooks.net, we will then arrange for some leaflets to be delivered to your school as well as a digital copy to be emailed out.

Parents: Show your school this information or message us with the schools details and we will contact them info@torchlightbooks.net

Happy Reading,

The Torchlight Book Team




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