All our gift boxes include: 3 books, an activity sheet, colouring pencils, a torch (red or blue), our top tips postcard and FREE DELIEVERY

Introducing our dyslexic friendly book boxes

We are excited to launch our dyslexic friendly book boxes! These come in 3 age ranges 5-7, 8-9 and 10+ all our boxes contain 3 books wrapped in colourful tissue paper, a torch (perfect for reading under the covers or tucked up in a den), activity sheet, colouring pencils and our top tips postcard.

Why dyslexic friendly books?

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to discover the wonders of reading a book, we know how important reading is not just for pleasure but to help children succeed in school and in their adult lives, it is the basis of everything.

What are dyslexic friendly books?

We have selected Barrington Stokes books because they are fantastically accessible! Each book has a clear font, larger line spaces (making it easier to follow and less likely to loose your space), tinted pages, beautiful illustrations that don’t distract from the text and they work with authors and children to make the language and stories dyslexic friendly.

We believe if children find reading easier, or they aren’t daunted by the amount of words on a page that they will begin to develop a love for reading.

Age 5-7

A box of dyslexic friendly books for age 5-7

Joe and the dragonosaurus by Berlie Doherty

– A lovely book about children’s connection to animals, beautiful illustrations! 🦕

Molly Rodgers To The Rescue by Cornelia Funke

– A fantastic pirate story with a fabulous female lead and beautiful illustrations 🏴‍☠️

The Story Of The Dancing Frog by Quentin Blake

-as you would expect from any Quentin Blake book the illustrations in this book are gorgeous! 🐸

Shop here: https://torchlightbooks.net/…/age-5-7-dyslexic…/

Age 8-9

box of dyslexic friendly books with a torch, activity sheet and colouring pencils

Fairy Tales, The Villians Version by Kaye Umansky

– a fantastic take on the classic fairy tales a favourite amount children and adults! 🍭

Space Ace by Eric Brown and Tony Ross

– a great short book (64pages) This story is perfect for children who are interested in the solar system. Billy and his retired astronaut grandfather have a fantastic adventure! 🪐

Wolfman by Michael Rosen

– A funny book that will have you laughing out loud a nice short book (32 pages)🐺

Shop here: https://torchlightbooks.net/…/age-8-9-dyslexic…/#dyslexicstrengths

Age 10+

Anty Hero by Barry Hutchinson

Ant has a strange attraction to insects but that’s not the only strange thing about him. . .

Fairy Tales, The Villians Version by Kaye Umansky

– a fantastic take on the classic fairy tales a favourite amount children and adults! 🍭

The Last Viking by Terry Deary (The writer of horrible histories)

This is a fantastic adventure story set in the Viking era. Will Emma and Symeon be able to stop the Viking invaders from destroying the village?

(64 pages)

Shop here: https://torchlightbooks.net/…/age-10-dyslexic-friendly…/

We hope you enjoy our new boxes! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@torchlightbooks.net

Thank you for reading,

The Torchlight Books Team

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