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Torchlight Books Top Tips

In this blog we will give you our top tips to help your young person fall in love with reading.

Quality Time
Reading time is quality time! Find a comfy space remove all distractions and settle down for a story.

Take the pressure off
We want children to love reading. In the beginning you do most of the reading. Slowly you can pick out some
words that you know your child can read, then you can build this up. Read a page or paragraph and then let your
child read a page or paragraph.

Finding the right Books
Finding the right books for your young person is key. If your young person is reluctant to read, having larger line
spaces, the right font and interesting images is key. At Torchlight Books we have done all the hard work for you
and found some incredible books by some amazing authors that your young person will love.

Having books available at child height in the house is a great way to encourage children to choose reading.

Have a chat about the book. Ask your child questions about what they have read. This will help you understand if
your child is engaged and ultimately if they are enjoying it.

Children copy adults, let your child see you reading.

Call it a day
If a book isn’t right, there is no shame in choosing another one instead. Having opinions about books is important
and that includes the right for your child to say when they don’t like one!

Choosing reading over other activities
Part of being a reader is sometimes choosing to read rather than watch TV, surf the internet or play video games.
Reading isn’t just for bedtimes.

Happy reading,
The Torchlight Books Team

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